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Leslie Nance CHN, CHCC

What Our Cancer Boss Clients Are Saying...

It feels so good to have an encouraging, positive, and knowledgeable coach like Leslie. She is by my side through every step. She has helped me choose the right foods for my body to help it fight cancer more effectively. I thank God He has led me to her.
Kathy A.
Stage 4 Cancer Thriver
What a great experience and much more manageable with the support of Leslie. It was much easier then I expected. I will definitely continue to use the tips and tricks from this class. It is not a magic trick, but a very effective way to jump-start getting healthier.
Judy B.
Busy Mom of Teen Boys
I wanted to take the time to thank you, you are a beautiful person. Even though you were thrown a wrench a few years ago I'm so glad you came through as a survivor and had the courage, bravery and the knowledge to come forward and help others. I was fortunate to have found you, I was scared as hell with no knowledge of organic food and what effect it has on our bodies. Thank you so much for being an amazing person and coach!
Rori L.
Stage 2 Cancer Thriver
I was listening to a Podcast after I was diagnosed that was about ways to support yourself while going through breast cancer. There was an interview with a very famous Dr. then the next one was with Leslie Nance. I liked her right away and research her. My initial talk with her was on July 3rd and I booked an appointment with her for July 6th. I have loved every minute of it. After 5 weeks I don't crave foods I ate every day - sugar and drive-throughs. When I think of eating a food that is not healthy for me I think of some words I heard from Leslie on a periscope show, she said - "If you are not going to do the recomened treatments, what are you going to do differently? Because your body created cancer." Wow that changed my whole outlook how I eat, now I have leanred to be the Boss of my cancer and my body! Thank you, Leslie for all your support and encuragment
Nancy M.
Breast Cancer Boss
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