2 Things Keeping You Stuck In Your Cancer Journey

Cancer is the ultimate confusion.
I hear you loud and clear – information overload, so many decisions to be made! Life-altering decisions must be made in a very short period of time.

Meanwhile, you’re stuck in the confusion of the unknown, the confusion of how and why cancer is disrupting your life… all in the middle of what feels like a full-blown emergency. And the truth is these are some really big decisions that you’re making. Decisions that you haven’t had to make before.
And here’s the kicker – these huge decisions that you have to make are all about YOU. There is no one… not your doctor, not your partner, not even your cancer coach that can make these decisions for you.
We wish someone would make the decisions for us. It is a lot easier to get in the mindset of “just tell me what to do, and I will do it!” So, we go looking for advice.
Then, when someone is brave enough to answer your question of, “what would you do if I was your sister?” and it’s not the answer you wanted, you get even more stuck. You get all gorilla-glued up. No wonder our uncertainty is so high. 
Since working with active cancer clients, time and time again, there have been two advice sources that they run to that keep them stuck.
Source 1 – Taking advice from people that have given up on their dreams of healing.

This was me. I stayed up all hours of the night on my ipad reading chat boards. Hanging on the words of people who didn’t know me, didn’t know my cancer. I took their “advice” to heart. I was addicted to the stories and to what they wanted to share with me.

Misery loves company.

Here’s the thing, they didn’t have any skin in the game. I know they didn’t wish me harm, but they weren’t responsible for the outcome, so they can say what they want.

Source 2 
– Taking health advice from a protocol or book that offers no support for your outcome.

Books are great. I LOVE books. I’ve learned a lot from books. What I am saying is, don’t take the advice from somebody that isn’t there to answer your questions. Unless, you can contact them and have a consultation, they don’t have any skin in the game either.

Everyone’s cancer journey and healing pathways are different. There is no one size fits all.
If you can’t contact support, you have no way of knowing if this is actually working the way it’s supposed to. Or if you’re doing more harm than good.

How do you get unstuck?

To heal your cancer, you must take the path that is righteously yours. A path that will you help uncover this truth and open your healing pathways.

How did I break free from the endless need to read chat pages?

One night my ipad battery died. My source died with it. I still couldn’t sleep, I was still in confusion, but I picked up a book that a friend gave me and this line jumped out at me, “I became the CEO of my health!”

That’s what I wanted! I wanted to be the boss of my health. A #cancerboss.

I took charge and became unstuck.  

If you’re looking for the ultimate support and love through your cancer journey, then we have to talk. I will love on you and support you no matter what the treatment plan that you’ve chosen.

If we’re a good fit, my program will help guide you through proper nutrition and mindset alignment. Plus, you’ll have somebody to stand beside you, to ask questions, that has a skin in the game.

Be a

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