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It’s an honor to work with every single one of my clients as they heal in their cancer journey.

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Christina's Story

Stage 4 Breast Cancer Boss


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Marty's Story

Stage 4 Lung Cancer Boss


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Annmarie's Story

Stage 3 Merkel Cell Cancer Boss


Lives Changed

“Today was a great day! Thanks to everyone! I would not be in this place without Leslie and our group.

I was in a very bad place last year. I was in the deepest rabbit hole. I lost 4 close family members last year and one was my dad. Then I was diagnosed with this very aggressive cancer. I did not think it was going to end well for me. Very quickly the doctors said I would go through very aggressive chemo then a mastectomy. It was a very lonely world for me because I couldn’t be around anybody due to Covid.

I’m not sure exactly how I found Leslie but pretty sure it was Facebook. I started listening to her in December but didn’t get brave enough to call until February. I had a lot of grief and sadness with all the loss and the diagnosis. Of course, I was thinking "why me" and how unfair it was. That first phone call with Leslie changed everything! I don’t wish chemo on anybody, but it did cure me. It went from 6 cm to not being able to detect my cancer post-treatments and the Cancer Boss Protocol. I thank everybody in our group for helping me through this journey. We have some brave women and I admire all of y’all. I was so calm yesterday before the surgery. It is the day after surgery and I am doing fine today and cancer-free! I promise I would not be where I am today without y’all.
Breast Cancer Survivor
Cancer boss
"Leslie was the person I could bounce my fears and my triumphs off of! She understood what no one without this situation can understand; you don’t have to walk this journey scared and alone unless you choose to! I looked forward to our call during my toughest treatment times. The start to healing is putting yourself first and being proud of yourself and your journey. Amen!”
Stacie W.
Breast Cancer Boss
"I was listening to a Podcast after I was diagnosed that was about ways to support yourself while going through breast cancer. There was an interview with a very famous Dr. followed by Leslie Nance. I liked her right away and research her. My initial talk with her was on July 3rd and I booked an appointment with her for July 6th. I have loved every minute of it. After 5 weeks I don't crave foods I ate every day - sugar, drive-throughs. When I think of eating a food that is not healthy for me I think of some words I heard from Leslie on a periscope show - "what are you going to do differently? Because your body created cancer."
Nancy M.
Cancer Boss
"I don't even know where to start. Leslie, I can't tell you how much you've affected my way of life for these past few months. As I started listening to you, I began to prepare your recipes. I can't begin to tell you how many dishes I have made, all of them a success and so delicious! I've shared the recipes (as well as information about you) with family and friends, and tonight, I just prepared the Mexican Quinoa Bowl. I couldn't believe how good it was. I immediately put together two containers for tomorrow at work, to share with my best friend! You've made eating fun again, and you are so inspirational!"
Marilyn C.
Cancer Boss
I wanted to take the time to thank you, you are a beautiful person. Even though you were thrown a wrench a few years ago with your cancer diagnosis. I'm so glad you came out a survivor and had the courage, bravery and the knowledge to come forward and help others. I was so fortunate to have found you, scared as hell from my own cancer diagnosis, with no knowledge of organic food, and what affect it has on our bodies. Thank you so much for being an amazing person and coach!
Rori L.
Cancer Boss
I love your program. While I'm not into each and every meal you cook, there are many that are now my top rated favorites! The very best part of your program is the educational aspect. What a value! It's obvious that you spend your time (lots of time) doing your research. I learn a boatload of good things by watching you in your kitchen.
Timothy E.
Cancer Boss
So much great information and tips for real food eating...I am not in the same place I started, thanks to you. I am going to go back with paper and pencil to take more in depth notes to refer back on. I am slowly incorporating real food - love roasted mixed veggies and am actually craving them each and every day! I am viewing everything as if I were already a full-fledged Real food superstar. It's just putting it all together now. My frame of mind and thought process around food has changed. I am falling in love with picking and choosing what veggies I will buy, how I will cook, and the flavors of them all. Thank you!
Pat S.
Cancer Boss

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