3 Tips for Dealing With Cancer Treatment Side Effects

After your cancer treatments are you fatigued? Nauseous? Experiencing hair loss? How about before your treatments? Are you anxious? Do you go into “must-do” mode? Must make sure my house is clean, must make sure I have enough meals planned out?

Or are you just plain tired of being sick?

The side effects of cancer treatments vary, but they’re often exhausting. So, how do we deal with these side effects, both in the short and longer term? 

Let’s first address the elephant in the room. As a HOLISTIC Cancer Coach, most people assume that I am against certain medical treatments and practices. I am not. I am not against chemotherapy, radiation, or immunotherapy. I am for anything that helps the body heal. That sometimes means using medical practices to rid the body of cancer so that you can then build and restore your healthy cellular activity. 

My practice and protocols don’t replace what you’re currently doing, it complements your treatment choices and helps them work better. Instead of just focusing on the cancer cells like most medical treatments, I help support your whole body, so that you recover faster, experience less damage and side effects, and make your body inhospitable to cancer ever coming back!

3 tips for dealing with cancer treatments side effects.

  1. Learn to respect your body when in cancer treatments.

Did you approach your first treatments with a can-do attitude? Did you convince yourself that you’re going to fly through the treatments and be back on your feet in no time? Or did you keep yourself busy prepping beforehand, making sure to have a clean house, laundry folded, and meals ready to go? 

After all this running around and keeping busy, where you knocked on your butt? After the steroids wore off, did it feel like you hit a brick wall? 

If you try to squeeze in too much pre and post-treatments, you’re just wearing yourself down. It’s okay that you need to rest. It’s okay if you need to take a nap. Stop trying to be a superhero. Respect your body and give it the rest and restoration that it needs.

Are you respecting your body?

  1. You must do the work to boost your healthy cellular activity through nutrition and mindset. 

Cancer is not a big bad wolf. It is weak, deformed cells that can’t control you. Your body has the ability to heal, especially if you’re feeding it with a healthy mindset and nutrition.

How does mindset heal? It is about installing a belief system with the information it needs to heal. “Hoping for the best, expecting the worst” is not the way to live. Manifest what you want your body to do! You’re responsible for your healing!

You have everything you need inside of you to heal. How do you activate that information? What are the practical things that you can do? There isn’t a single one of you who isn’t capable of doing this work. Are you super clear about what you want?

Don’t pretend that these side effects are holding you back. Nothing is going to stop you.

  1. Do not detox with anything that puts your body out of balance.

Extreme detoxing during or after treatment is a huge mistake. If I could put up a huge warning sign, “Don’t Go There!”, I would. Detoxing while going through chemo doesn’t make sense,  you need those toxins to do their work of killing the cancer cells. 

Here’s my warning! If you try to detox too quickly and flush out the toxins all at once, you are going to have some major overflow and it’s not going to be pretty. 

You cannot fix an imbalance by creating another imbalance. It actually puts your body at a disadvantage. You need to be guided through a natural gentle process that slowly detoxes your body and encourages healthy cellular activity.

Need more info? Want more specifics? Then we need to talk.

I don’t do bandaids. I will ask about your specific type of cancer, your current treatments, your past health history, and about your support system. Then we start identifying what’s blocking you from healing. We’ll start feeding your body and mind with the right information.

If you’re ready to be the boss of your cancer and to make your body inhospitable to cancer, let’s chat.

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