5 Natural Ways to Boost your Immune System

Our body is designed to heal and our immune system is an important part of this process.

So, I want to share with you five tips to help boost your immune system.

This applies to right now, when we are faced with a pandemic, whether you have active cancer or not! However, these tips are important all the time… during flu-season and during cancer treatments.

Our goal is to keep our bodies inhospitable to cancer and our immune system is our front line defense to keep cancer away. Let’s make sure it’s boosted.

Bonus, you don’t need to head out the grocery store or health food store. You can start all of these tips today!

Tip #1 – Get Some Fresh Air!

If you follow me on social media, you’ll see that I recently went for a drive to enjoy the blooming Texas bluebonnets. The fresh air was amazing and an immune booster! If you’re able, get outside. Right now, most of us are living in quarantine, living in close quarters, and breathing in recirculated stagnant air. Fresh air allows your lungs to operate at high efficiency. A study by Yale Griffin Prevention Research showed that a simple walk leads to an increase in natural killer T-cells and neutrophils which helps increase the immune function of the body.

So, go for a walk. Can’t go out? Open your windows or go for a drive with the windows down.

Tip # 2 Relaxation

Sitting in front of the TV watching the 24-hour news cycle is not relaxing. It’s stressful. Relaxation should be stress-reducing, not inducing. Stress puts a strain on your immune function! It’s shown to increase your susceptibility to catching a cold. Imagine what it could do for the flu!

So, slow your roll and chill out a bit. Your health depends on it.

Here are a few ways to relax:

  • Learn to meditate. Slow your mind down on a daily basis.
  • Read something uplifting.
  • Write a letter. When’s the last time you’ve handwritten a note to someone?
  • Sing and Dance!
  • Yoga

Tip #3 Sleep

Your body repairs when it is resting. You needs sleep, but not too much! Lack of sleep lowers your immune system. Your body has a hard time creating enough energy to heal if you don’t have enough rest.  If you get less than 7 hours a night consistently, you triple your odds of getting the flu!

Can’t sleep? Journal before going to bed, don’t watch the news right before bed, and establish a routine.

Tip #4 Diet

There is no single food that will boost your immune system (even high vitamin C foods). It is what you’re doing long term that contributes to your overall immune health. Eat food, mostly plants, not too much. Load up on fruits and veggies of all varieties. Ditch the processed foods. No soda. And not a lot of processed sugars or flour.  

Tip #5 Ditch the Alcohol

What! We’re in quarantine here! I am not saying don’t ever have a glass of wine, but if you have active cancer or during COVID19, there is no acceptable amount. It’s a no go! Why? Your body has no way to store alcohol. So, your liver actively works to process it and eliminate it. It’s a toxin in your body, so your nutrient absorption and immune system function decrease during its processing. 

Having a drink every day destroys your gut bacteria and reduces the function of three important immune functions. Plus, studies show that it increases your susceptibility to a fatal illness like pneumonia.

If you apply these 5 tips, things are going to change in your health. You will start to see a difference.
But change and the commitment to change is hard. If you’d like to learn more about how I can help you beat cancer and become a #cancerboss, please don’t hesitate… book your free Breakthrough Call.

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