5 Patterns for Healing

I am going to start this post with a bit of a queasy story, but hang in there, it will highlight several of the 5 patterns that move you toward healing.

Keep in mind that these patterns or habits are more than the physical aspect of healing. These are 5 ideas to plant in your heart and mind that will help to unlock the physical, mental, and emotional steps toward healing.

This is a true story of a young man hiking solo in the beautiful slot canyons in Utah. If you’ve ever been there, it is amazing and a wonder to see. All alone, this man fell into a crevice. His arm was lodged between two rocks, and he was pinned for several days.

Seeing as I warned you that this was a bit gruesome, I bet you can guess what happened next.

But this brings up 

Pattern #1 – Acceptance of a Diagnosis

The truth of being stuck in a canyon and not being found is paralyzing. Just like when you heard the doctor first say, “you have cancer.”

Often people become disconnected from the whole situation. You can probably say what type of cancer you have and can even talk about the severity of the diagnosis, but not describe your emotions around it.

To take the first step to heal, you must be able to accept your diagnosis. I am not saying that you have to like it! But accepting it will help you uncover why you’re struggling and what is blocking you from healing.

The man in the canyon accepted that if he didn’t do anything, he was going to stay lost and die. But that’s not where his story stopped. 

Pattern #2 – Reject the Prognosis

Instead of saying, “I am stuck, I can’t do anything, I am going to die”,  the young man rejected his prognosis and did something about it. He rejected the idea of staying stuck. He used a knife he had in his pocket and cut off his arm. Yup, that’s the squeamish part and my stomach rolls just thinking about it. But he knew he needed to be resourceful.

Similarly, after you’ve accepted your diagnosis – you need to become the biggest, baddest a$$ on the planet and reject the prognosis – not believing that cancer is it. Not believing that you can’t heal. But believing in your body’s ability to heal and that you can be healthier now than before cancer!

Pattern #3 – Initiative

I personally reject my prognosis. Nine years ago, I was told that I going to have cancer all my body within a year. But I took initiative – to not walk in blind faith and I rejected this prognosis of my cancer. I was willing to figuratively cut my own arm off to make the changes in my life that would bring me toward healing.

Not everyone’s path to healing is the same. You need to figure out which path is yours and do the work aligned to your healing. Just signing up for a program is not the initiative. You need to do the work – the hard mindset work – the lifestyle changes – to move toward healing.

Take the initiative! Choose what you want to happen.

Are you ready to show up for the healing that you want? You’ve got to kick it into high gear.

Pattern #4 – Think about cancer as a Growth Opportunity

You’ve taken the initiative to transform your life, now, what has this struggle and hard work come to teach you?

Another way to view a crisis is as a dangerous opportunity. You didn’t ask for cancer, it fell in your lap. But it gives you experience and opportunity to change.

You can choose to rise above it. To transform your life. To become extraordinary!

Pattern #5 – Lifestyle changes.

The last pattern is often the one that people jump to first. What do I need to change in my diet or exercise? 

But it is more than just changing your physical habits. Are you also willing to alter lifelong habits in your personal life, your emotional life, and your mental life to gain healing? To change your lifestyle?

Some of these changes will be profound. So, are you willing to figuratively cut off your arm for your healing?

These five patterns of healing are just the tiny tip of the iceberg. I’d love to help you dig deeper and watch you become the boss of your cancer. To transform your life. 

If you’re saying “Hell to the ya! I want some more of that”, then I invite you to watch my free masterclass.

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