Cancer Lesson No. 9 – In the Blink of an Eye

You have cancer…” Words that no doubt changed your life forever! 

But what I really want you to learn from this “blink of an eye” moment is that yes, it will change everything…AND change can be an amazing thing! 

Let me explain! 

If you let cancer boss you around this “change” is icky! 

What does cancer bossing you around look like?

👉Anxiety and worry dominate your life
👉You live in regrets
👉You’re tired of being a cancer patient
👉 You’re in overwhelm and don’t know where to start your healing journey.
👉 You’re having a hard time trusting your medical team 
👉 You don’t trust your own decisions about healing

When you become the boss of your cancer, you are able to see the lessons that cancer has come to teach you. 

You’ll go from life-threatening to life-changing!

This powerful transformation is up to you!  

If you’re thinking, “Leslie, I don’t really have a choice”, then you don’t have the clarity for healing that you need! You are letting cancer be the boss.  

Let me say this again: It is your choice how cancer changes your life. It doesn’t have to control you! You can be a #CancerBoss and choose to show up with confidence and certainty for healing your life… then CANCER IS NOT YOUR DESTINY! 

Now that is a life change that is worth it! Thank you cancer! 

Hey ready to be the boss of good change?

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One more lesson in this series…did you write them all down like a boss?

Be a

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