Cancer Victim or Cancer Victor

Are You a Cancer Victim or Cancer Victor?

I’m going to lay some hard truths on you in this post, are you brave enough to continue reading? I hope so, because I’m giving out some truth bombs that will help you make some monumental shifts in your life.

Are you ready? We are going to unpack the difference between a cancer victim and a cancer victor. 

TRUTH BOMB! You CANNOT be a victim and a victor at the same time! You are either one or the other. The good news – you can become a victor whenever you decide to.

When I was diagnosed with cancer, I was a complete cancer victim. I was all “woah is me” and I wallowed around in my victimhood for a long time. When I finally realized that my healing lied in becoming a victor, I started doing the work required to change my mindset and lifestyle habits. It was a lot of work! And this isn’t going to be easy, but it is COMPLETELY possible for you to change from a victim to a victor.

Traits of a Cancer VICTIM

Here are the traits of a cancer victim, please read these and be honest with yourself – Do you see yourself in any of these examples?

  1. Constant complaining. A victim finds a million and one things to complain about. It’s always “poor me” and “everything bad always happens to me”. Cancer victims wallow in the complaining and victim mode.
  2. Blaming everyone else. Victims never look at what they did to get into the situation they are in, everything is always everyone else’s fault. This does not mean that you should feel guilty and beat yourself up; but when you take responsibility for your lifestyle choices in the past, you also take control of your future.
  3. Putting your eggs in one basket. Victims are always looking for quick fixes, false promises, or a magic cure to fix them. When these don’t work, the victim goes back to number two and blames the quick fix for not working. Can you see the loop of victimhood there?  
  4. Not taking action. Victims might spend a lot of money or time doing research, reading books, taking webinars, and learning what to do to heal themselves, but then they don’t actually implement those practices into their lives! Afterwards, they wonder why they aren’t healing and nothing is working!

Traits of a Cancer VICTOR

  1. They are motivated. They keep their mindset positive. They only allow positive things into their lives in order to keep themselves motivated.
  2. They never take no for an answer. If they are told no, they ask more questions and see if there is a way to make things happen. If a doctor tells them no or doesn’t agree with their path of treatment, they get a new doctor!
  3. Overcoming obstacles and fear. You are going to come up against obstacles and anxieties on your cancer journey, no doubt about that. Victors will admit it is scary, but continue to move forward and do what is necessary to get past those fears.
  4. Utilize resources. Victors take what they learn and apply it to their life immediately, without complaints.
  5. They follow through on their promises… to themselves, their doctors, and their family and friends.
  6. They reach out for help. Victors know when they need help and they aren’t afraid to ask for it or admit it. It’s OK to need a helping hand or a guide when you are going through tough waters.

Of course, it’s more comfortable being the victim to cancer. You don’t have to do any of the hard work, change your relationship with your body, or ask any of the hard questions. You can go for your hospital treatments and then just come home and say you’ve done your part. I’m here to tell you that once you ditch that victim mentality and become a cancer victor, your healing will improve and you will feel so much more empowered.

If you are ready to change your mindset and need someone to navigate those choppy waters with you, I’m your girl! Remember, I’ve been where you are now and I know how difficult it can be.

Reach out to me at, so we can dive deep into your particular situation and I can help you every step of the way. I will be dedicated to helping you become the victor of your healing and your future! I hope to hear from you soon.

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