Lesson No.8 – Live with No Regrets

Looking back at your life and pondering the “What if” is holding you back from healing!

  • what if I had taken better care of myself
  • what if I had gone to the doctor sooner
  • what if I had not lost my job
  • what if I had eaten less sugar

Do you “what if” a lot?

When you experience a load of regrets (what if) then you are not allowing life’s journey to teach you about living!

This keeps you stuck in sickness because you feel hopeless…you know why?


Healing is a FORWARD motion…not an undoing of the past!

You must learn to take past regrets (what if) and make them work for and not against you!

When you were diagnosed…the regrets for your past lifestyle started kicking in. You might think of these regrets as your “bucket list”!

  • I should have traveled more
  • I should have prioritized my family and loved ones
  • I should have taken my grandkids to Disney
  • I should have taken that 100-mile hike across Italy
  • I should have bought that dream house…car…or dress
  • I should have attended more of my kid’s events
  • I should have worked less and played more

These regrets are stealing your healing opportunities! They are a backward step!

Want to move forward towards healing?

WHAT IF cancer came into your life to teach you something?
To make your life extraordinary?
To give you a perspective you could not have received any other way?

Instead of rolling around in your regrets and letting them consume you, you can decide to do something about it.

To live the life you are trying to save!

If cancer is not your destiny, then you are able to live your life out loud! Just like you have always dreamed of!

If this resonates with you and you are craving someone to love and serve you through this process, I am your girl.

Don’t spend another second in regret! Watch my free training TODAY! Get the inspiration you need to live out loud!

“what if” is gone and a new healing perspective is in!

Lesson #9 of Cancer is Just Around the Corner

Be a

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