Are you focused on the wrong goal in your cancer journey?

Have you ever participated in a long race? Way back when, I’d run marathons for fun… yah, I know, it doesn’t sound like fun. Anyways, to get through the wall at mile 22, I’d have to change my whole mindset about the race. I had to start focusing on how far I had already come and not on those last four miles that I still had to grind out.

Having this same mindset in your cancer journey is crucial – instead of thinking how far you have to go, instead celebrate how far you’ve come.

Cancer is a looooong journey. Treatments, surgeries and recovery can take up to a year of your life. And with all your energy going to beating cancer, it can feel like a year or more has been robbed of your life. And the journey doesn’t end there, staying in remission takes the rest of your life.

So, it becomes really important to celebrate your accomplishments along the way. Instead of focusing on “OMG, I have 6 more chemo treatment”, celebrate that you’ve already completed 6 chemo treatments.

Three reasons why it’s so important to celebrate the victories in your journey.

If you’re only focusing on how far you have to go:

  1. You’ll dread every single day of the journey. This mindset will not help you battle cancer as you’re wishing your life away.
  2. The end will seem like it’s nowhere in sight. It will go on, and on, and on. “What’s up next, why am I going through this?”.
  3. You’ll lose sight of your real goal. Being cancer-free is a goal, but what if it’s here to teach you more? What if you can’t fathom what’s next because you’re too focused on getting through that next surgery?

Chances are you’ve fully blocked your healing pathways because you’re too focused on the wrong goal.

If you focus on celebrating how far you’ve come:

  1. You’ll find motivation every single day.
  2. You’ll experience happiness and joy in the midst of your journey. You’ll celebrate life.
  3. You’ll have a goal beyond cancer. You might even come to understand your calling or find your passion.

Number 3 happened to me. Celebrating my victories helped open my eyes to my passion – helping others become the Boss of their Cancer. Thus, the birth of Any Stage Cancer Protocol.

A little about Any Stage Cancer Protocol

Through one-on-one coaching, the Any Stage Cancer Protocol teaches (1) How to eat with purpose – the purpose of building healthy cells that fight cancer, (2) how to balance your negative emotions, so that they work for you and not against you, and (3) how to embrace your medical treatments as an ally in your pathway to healing and well into remission.

Plus, I am there to support you every step of the way.

If you haven’t watched my free training video – “The 5 steps on how to become the boss of your Cancer”, you can sign up here. Not only will you learn how to become a Boss of your Cancer, but you’ll also learn more about how to sign-up for one-on-one coaching.

Be a

Learn the 5 Steps My Clients Take To:

Recover Faster Between Treatments,
Regain Their Strength After Surgery
 and Become Healthier Well into Remission…
 (Without All The Crazy Diets and Detoxes!)

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