From Rare Stage 4 Breast Cancer To No Detectable Cancer

This story gives me chills! It is just so amazing to see the evidence that your body is created to heal!

Christina was originally diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer in 2018 at only 39 years old. And just like you, there was hesitancy about the myriad of decisions that had to be made in a short time frame.

  • What treatment path is the best for you?
  • Should I have surgery?
  • Is radiation necessary?
  • Should I do the chemotherapy treatments or what are the alternatives?
  • What should I change in my lifestyle?

Christina pushed through all these decisions and had her last radiation treatment in August of 2019.

Then Bam! 16 months later, after a prolonged headache and confirmation with an MRI (scan on the left in the thumbnail), she was told that her breast cancer had metastasized to her spinal fluid. She didn’t even know that was possible.

The doctors couldn’t operate as there was no defined tumor with this rare form of Stage 4 breast cancer.

“I felt lost. But I wanted the truth, my oncologist told me that I would have one year with treatments. What a punch in the gut! I can’t cut it out. Even if I put my body through this, I was only going to live a year.”

Christina knew she needed help with her mindset. She needed a program to guide her. In her own words, “My mindset was very negative, thinking this was the end!”

And that is what I recall from my breakthrough call with Christina. Her mindset was that she was dying and that she just wanted to live as long as she could.

I challenged her… What if the cancer does go away. What about that possibility?

She joined the Any Stage Cancer Boss program and met with our amazing group of women twice a week. And the lightbulb came on quickly.

“Your (Leslie’s) program, we know this info, but you teach it a lens that I have never seen it. It is fascinating how Leslie is able to teach nutrition and movement. You want things to feel easy and attainable. It is a space to feel all the emotions even the negative ones. And you give us permission to feel and work through these emotions. I don’t feel guilty feeling those emotions.”

The women in the group and myself were able to watch Christina’s mindset shift. She grew more confident in the possibility that she could be her own evidence of healing. 

“I can beat this. I have the determination and gumption to beat this. This program gives you the wisdom and support that is necessary for the mental and physical healing. It gives you tools to use beyond the program.”

It was amazing, to witness a Christina who thought she was dying, to wait a minute, “I have an opportunity to beat this!” And this happened so quickly.

She was no longer working in fear mode. And she knew she needed support. A cancer boss says, “I can’t do this by myself, I need some help.” If we’re not asking for help, we’re leaving ourselves to vulnerability.

And if you look at the scan on the right in the video thumbnail above… that is just one year later! There is no detectable cancer on that scan!!

We are designed to heal! Your body is designed to heal!

Are you ready to step into that belief system?
To start a healing pathway so that you can see your evidence?
To create possibility?

Become a boss like Christina…it starts with one phone call!

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