What is cancer preparing you for?

What if you took the idea that cancer came to prepare you for something in life?

It’s not usually our natural response to cancer. We tend to view cancer as destructive… that it takes away your future, robs you of your relationships, physical abilities, money, etc, etc!

But what if we looked at cancer from a loving source… that it came into your life to guide you and help you step up to the next level in your life.

You were put here for a reason. You have a purpose! Cancer might be providing you with a clear lens to view this purpose. Pre-cancer, it easy to get caught up in the day-to-day stuff and lose sight of purpose.

Which brings me to my cancer story.

I was so caught up in my “perfect life” that I didn’t leave any opportunity to advance. To seek out my purpose.

Don’t get me wrong, my life was fantastic. I was living the dream life that I had designed for myself with my husband. We had a wonderful business together.

Then cancer came crashing in like a giant boulder through the front window.

It changed our lives forever… I thought our perfect life was over; I didn’t realize that it actualy came into my life to teach me who I am meant to be.  I discovered that nothing was going to stop me. I will serve people on a level that is personal, loving, and infectious because CANCER IS NOT YOUR DESTINY.

When we’re living in destructive mode, these three mindsets form and will block you from living a life of clarity and purpose:

1. Letting cancer steal the idea that we can think about our future. 

  • Have you stopped planning for the future? 
  • Have started only living in the present, which I call transactional living? Living from the next scan to the next treatment. 
  • Are you scared to think about the future, because you’re scared that cancer will take it from you?

Two or three weeks into my own journey, I was planning on picking up a new pair of jeans, but after my first oncology appointment. All my jeans were too large because I’d lost so much weight from stress and not eating. At my appointment, the doctor explained that the pathology from my biopsy changed and she recommended chemo.

I just sat there… all I could hear was the Teacher from Peanuts… wah wa-wah, wa-wah, chemo, wah wa-wah, wa wah, hair loss, wa-wah. 

My entire life flashed before my eyes. Afterwards, my response to jean shopping was: “I am not going to be here long enough for a pair of jeans, it’s not worth spending the money.”  It stole my future! 

But cancer didn’t rob me! It was my decision about how I reacted to the situation that robbed me of my future.

2. Spending a lot of time in the past. 

  • Have you pulled out old photo albums and reminisced?
  • Thought about friends and family that you haven’t connected with for forever?
  • Starting thinking about regrets… “I didn’t do that, I should have done that… if only I had the time.”
  • Are you mourning your normal life?
  • Do you revel in your past accomplishments as if the good times are over? 

What if you weren’t meant to live that life? What if you’re meant to live something extraordinary?

This pas-focused mindset puts a blanket over us and smothers us. We need a big jumbo pair of scissors to take that blanket off and look to the future.

3. Reconciliation Mode

  • Did you start blaming things like your diet, yourself, others, etc? 
  • Did you start thinking of your bad habits and assigned one as “the culprit”?

Reconciliation mode leads to a knee-jerk reaction to fix ourselves, often in a sporadic or crazy detox kinda way. We think that if I just fix that one thing, maybe cancer will go away.

If you’re trying to reconcile everything right now, you’ll overwhelm yourself and create imbalance. You have the time to make mindful meaningful changes in your life. Things that last.

It’s time to redirect your energy form “Why do I have cancer?” to “What has cancer come to teach me?” You’ll not only begin the journey to becoming a Cancer Boss, but you’ll transform your whole life. 

If you need some guidance on how to shift your mindset toward healing and purpose, let’s chat. I can help you through your cancer journey with one-on-one coaching and by teaching your body to be INHOSPTIABLE TO CANCER.

Book a call with me, this one’s free. We’ll chat about your specific type of cancer and uncover what’s blocking your healing.

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