Why Holding On To Resentment Could Cause Cancer

In other blog posts and videos, we’ve discussed emotional pathways and how your emotions play a part in your healing journey, but today I want to go a bit deeper with one, in particular, resentment.  Resentment is a very specific emotion that sometimes gets confused with anger. Resentment is NOT anger, it’s something much deeper and will block your healing if you are experiencing it. 

Here’s how to tell the difference between the two:

1. Anger is short term and resentment is long term.

Anger is something that you are upset about in the moment. Sometimes, it’s just a quick outburst and then you are over it. Resentment lingers. You re-live resentment over and over in your mind.

2. Resentment goes deeper.

Usually, you feel resentment over an issue that is much deeper. Maybe you were taken advantage of, were abused or misused by someone, were forced to handle or deal with a situation you didn’t want to, or maybe you even hold resentment that you were diagnosed with cancer! It’s typically a situation where we feel deeply wronged and just can’t let go of it. 

3. Resentment uses so much of your energy.

Typically when you are angry, you might blow up, but then you are over it. With resentment, because you’re carrying around this deep pain and it is brought up over and over again, it takes so much of your personal energy. It can leave you feeling exhausted, agitated, and just plain grumpy for days or weeks at a time.

Now imagine if you took the extra energy that you are using on resentment and focused it on healing? How would that change your day-to-day life? Your cancer diagnosis? Your life and the lives of the people around you? Can you imagine a life like that?

Resentment often times shows up in our bodies through our elimination organs. Liver, kidney, colon, stomach, or the intestines. Our bodies are trying to physically remove the resentment out the only way it knows how. I invite you to stop and think about your life and your health and see if there’s a correlation there. 

Are you suffering with resentment day in and day out? Be honest with yourself. Lying to me or to yourself is not doing anyone any good! 

So by now, maybe you’re saying “Yes, Leslie, I am holding on to resentment! I admit it. But how do I DEAL with it?”. Well, I can’t give you a cure-all answer in this post. I can’t tell you to eat a certain way or take a pill and it will all go away. That’s what I like to call, a band-aid – a cover-up that doesn’t actually heal the root of the problem. 

But what I can do is invite you to reach out to me at go2kitchens.com/apply today and schedule your free discovery call with me. On this call, we’ll chat about your resentment and ways to handle it. 

If that seems too fast for you or you’re just not ready, I get it. In that case, I’d like to direct you to my free online webinar, where you will get the 5 steps my clients take to become the boss of their cancer. You can sign up for free here at bit.ly/CancerBoss

Please remember, I am always a phone call away and am looking forward to talking to you. 

Be a

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