Am I Doing it Right? Cancer Coaching 101

It’s that nagging feeling that you are not eating right, meditating right, sleeping enough, taking the right supplements, or that you somehow are not doing everything possible to heal yourself from your cancer diagnosis. more info?www.anystagecancer.com

3 Lifesaving Tips When Visiting Your Oncologist

Cancer and cancer treatments are a daunting task.  The words cancer, chemo, radiation, tumor, metastatic…so daunting that many people can’t even say the word cancer.  They have to refer to it as the C word!  Plus 3 Tips Lifesaving Tips When Visiting Your Oncologist!

How to Detox!

I don’t tell my clients NO very often…but I do when it comes to detoxes.  This is not a popular HOLISTIC opinion…but I don’t care.  If you are in cancer treatments…especially allopathic …you should not be detoxing anything but your mind! 

Tightrope Mentality

It made me think…this is how we treat cancer when we are diagnosed. We get a tightrope mentality.  We begin to believe that if we don’t do everything perfectly, we risk injury and possible death.  As a cancer coach, I don’t teach tightrope diets, mindsets, treatments paths, or ways of life. 

Do You Really Need to Ditch Sugar?

I am pretty sure if you have been recently diagnosed with cancer the first thing you did was cut sugar out of your diet.  Someone, somewhere, somehow you came across compelling information that says SUGAR FEEDS CANCER.  YIKES… MORE INFO: anystagecancer.com 

What is a Cancer Coach?

You have probably asked yourself, WHAT IS A CANCER COACH anyways?  You might feel oddly inspired by my podcast and not even know what a cancer coach does.  My role in my client's journey is special…. Learn  More: ANYSTAGECANCER.COM

Be a

Learn the 5 Steps My Clients Take To:

Recover Faster Between Treatments,
Regain Their Strength After Surgery
 and Become Healthier Well into Remission…
 (Without All The Crazy Diets and Detoxes!)

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