Three Things Not To Ask Your Oncologist

When you’re diagnosed with cancer, you’re left with a lot of questions and emotions! Probably your first emotion was fear or overwhelmed by:

  • What should I do?
  • What’s next?
  • How do I beat cancer?
  • How do I heal?

These questions are good. Knowledge is vital in order to take control of your situation. In order to become the boss of your cancer! So, I always encourage my clients to ask their doctors as many questions as possible.

Yet, there are three questions that I firmly believe you should never ask your oncologist.

I know, this was probably the first question that popped through your mind. We want to know how much longer? Can I survive this?

1. “How long do I have to live?”

So, why shouldn’t you ask your doctor? 

Because your doctor doesn’t know!

Recently, Medical News Today shared findings from a recent medical study showing that when a doctor gives an estimate, they’re right only 20 to 30 percent of the time!

When you ask this question, you’re forcing your doctor to give information that may or may not be correct. They don’t have a crystal ball.

Plus, the answer will likely result in you going into an emotional tailspin no matter what number the doctor gives you. If there’s a number, there’s a finite amount of time!

You’re much better off not asking this question. If you did and received an estimate, just realize that it’s a statistic. The doctor is taking the lowest common denominator, which means they are basing it on past experiences or on those that give-up after hearing they have cancer. 

You don’t have to be the lowest common denominator and if you’re working with me, you’re beating the odds by just paying attention to your health.

2. “What should I change in my diet? What foods or supplements should I be adding?”

Do you know how much nutrition education your doctor had in medical school? On average, 7-8 hours. That’s it! 

Your doctor is a cancer technician. Their job is to kill cancer cells with medical practices and techniques. Most don’t know anything about fortifying the body and making it inhospitable to cancer with nutrition. They haven’t specialized in what nutrition is best for your type of cancer.

Lately, I’ve found that more and more doctors understand the importance of good nutrition, but it isn’t their specialty. So, they are getting better at pointing you in the right direction.

A certified nutritionist, like myself, knows the value of eating well. It is an asset in your journey. Eating for your health during treatments keeps your healthy cells active.

3. “Can I get a second opinion?”

Huh? This one seems like it should be a fair question to ask. The reason, I say you don’t have to ask is because You don’t need to ask permission for a second opinion. If you want a second opinion, go and get it. Likely, you want another opinion because your subconscious is telling you something isn’t right. 

Don’t worry about offending your doctor. Walk over to another facility and find a doctor that puts you on a path of hope and healing. Find a doctor who will listen to you and empower you.

It’s your life. You are worth the effort, the money, the hassle. 

Become a Cancer Boss

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  1. Hi. My loved one Ronnie that passed from esophageal cancer had a best friend whom
    Now told me the drs think he has lung cancer. He wants nutritional ideas. I’m trying to help but have swayed away some from the talks after losing Ronnie. I’m going to try to get back into the live streams to help him

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