Why Do Doctors Say, “Eat what you want?”

After being diagnosed, did you ask your doctor how you should change your diet? What was his or her response?

Did they say “Don’t worry, eat what you want”?

When we think about healing our cancer, this seems ridiculous. Studies show that nutrition is one of the 5 pillars of health!

But this is actually a common answer from doctors!

We both know that nutrition plays an important role in your cancer-fighting journey and by giving such a generic answer, what does it do to our confidence and trust in our doctor? It breaks down. We question their judgement even though they are cancer experts.

So, why would your doctor respond this way?

  1. The main reason is that your doctor’s job is not as a nutritionist. Their job to help you defeat your cancer by killing cancer cells. Most doctors only had to take one short class on nutrition in medical school. They’re experts in know what treatments are needed to kill cancer cells.
  2. They generally assume the lowest common denominator when it comes to nutrition. They assume that you don’t know anything about nutrition and will jump to a crazy diet or lose too much weight during medical treatments. This huge change in your diet isn’t beneficial especially right before surgery or treatments. Your body is already facing adversity with the treatments, your doctor doesn’t want you to also shock your system by radically change the way that you eat.

By saying, “eat what you want”, they want to assure you that they got you and don’t want some DIY nutrition to be detrimental to your cancer treatments.

But our diet is something tangible that we can control. And at the onset of cancer, we need things to make us feel in control. our diet feels like the only thing we can control at the moment. (psst, which isn’t true).

We might even have guilt about how we could’ve eaten better. That we could have taken care of our body better before cancer. That we could have prevented cancer.

So, what role does nutrition play in your cancer-fighting journey?

It’s important and shouldn’t be neglected or an afterthought! You should be conscious of what information you’re putting in your body.

Eating the right foods will help fortify and balance your body! A diet specific to your cancer, your stage of cancer, and your lifestyle will minimize the side effects of your treatment. It will replace lost nutrients and help fight fatigue. 

The doctor’s job is to kill your cancer cells, my job as a holistic nutritionist is to help feed your healthy cells. My job is to help Empowering Healthy Cellular Activity! To make your body inhospitable to cancer.

I’d like to share a story of one of my clients.

She was scheduled to undergo chemo treatments that usually resulted in hair loss. However, we chatted before the treatments, we began fortifying her body through a healthy mindset and a personalized nutrition protocol. She wanted to shave her hair because she assumed that she was going to lose it, but I encouraged to wait and see what happens.

After 5 cancer treatments, she lost only 30% of her hair. Thirty Percent!! She was supposed to be bald by now!

Are you ready to make your body inhospitable to cancer and fortify it throughout your healing journey? I’d love to chat with you and help layout a personalized plan so that you become the Boss of Your Cancer.  

You can Book a FREE breakthrough call with me. I call these ‘Breakthrough Calls’ because they really will be a breakthrough in your healing journey. 

You don’t have to live in fear of your diagnosis. You can take control of more than just your diet. You can become a Cancer Boss.

Be a

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